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In order to create the double

 class, many colleges and universities at Xueben everywhere "dig up". Yesterday, the Ministry of education deepened the exchange of experience and Symposium on the reform of the system of evaluation and evaluation of college teachers, held in Nanjing University, led by the Education Department of the 32 provinces and autonomous regions of the country and attended the seminars from the divided principals from 75 subordinate colleges and universities. Some colleges and universities call for relevant departments to introduce policies to regulate the flow of talents.
"Our school is long in the humanities and social sciences. Many disciplines are ranked first in the country, but for me, we are particularly afraid to hear that some and so have been commended on the Yangtze River scholar and some and so have been commended to the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund." Renmin University of China vice president Wu Xiaoqiu spoke, one liners suddenly aroused public concern.
"Because once they have what title, they will be stared at, many schools have come out of the preferential conditions, the annual salary of 1 million + a house +2000 million research start funds, and some even higher." Wu Xiaoqiu continued, for the humanities and Social Sciences, scientific research does not need high precision equipment, do not need high laboratory, human capital is the core, that is to say, as long as someone does. "Heavy gold" comes, the general people are very difficult to resist the temptation, "I will continue to invite these teachers to eat, do work, but also often have no way to keep them."
Wu Xiaoqiu's speech resonated with many colleges and universities. "It's not just about Humanities and Social Sciences, but also in science and engineering. The introduction of vice president of a university, especially after recent universities launched a double first class construction, is particularly prominent. "For example, Guangdong province to support a number of colleges and universities to create a list of first-class universities, first-class disciplines has been out of the furnace, the provincial support funds have also been allocated, in order to ensure that the University, everywhere 'dug' people, the annual salary has already exceeded 1 million."
"Not only to rob people in other provinces, but also to rob each other among universities in the province." The Vice Chancellor of a university in Jiangsu revealed that a group of subjects in a university in South of Jiangsu had been "dug" by a university in Nanjing.
Wu Xiaoqiu argues that it is a "vicious talent competition" that it is a "malignant talent competition" between schools in China. "It is not easy for a school to cultivate a professor, and it takes a lot of energy. And this professor is usually the leader of the subject. It is dug up with high salary in other schools. Not only the school chain will break, but the training of talents will be affected. To influence. "
Experts believe that the top talent for the development of colleges and universities can not be ignored, the reason why colleges and universities do not hesitate to snatch people, and the subject effect of these talents, talent agglomeration effect is inseparable, "a lot of" big cattle ", this subject is up.
"I am not opposed to talent exchanges. Reasonable exchange of talents is beneficial to the development of colleges and universities. Just by paying people to dig it, all the money will only lead to talent." Wu Xiaoqiu suggested that education authorities should come out with policies to regulate behaviors between universities.
"When we concentrate resources to create a subject, it seems that there is no mistake, but the resources of colleges and universities are limited, blindly and without risk control consciousness." from the academic ecology of colleges and universities, it is not healthy. " The Vice Chancellor of a university in Shanghai believes that the exchange of talents between colleges and universities can be introduced into the "transfer system" between the athletes' clubs. "Dug" can be "dug" for the original colleges and universities, to pay a certain "transfer fee", "so that colleges and universities dare to continue to cultivate new talents."

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