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With the help of the Sichuan Normal University, the village has introduced the model of the company + base + farmers, the vegetable shed and the technology promotion, the design and establishment of the 4A scenic area in Tibet, and the development of rural tourism. Our income continues to increase, and the days are getting better and better. Speaking of the changes brought about by science and education to help the poor, the village of Jiang Da Village in the town of Jia Wa, Litang County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, is unable to conceal the excitement.
The Sichuan Normal University plays the advantages of talent, education, culture and practical technology in the action of helping the poverty eradication and revitalizing the rural development, and carries out the aid of materials, the aid of the project and the guidance of the industrial planning for the poor rural areas.
The picture is to explain the technology of green pepper planting to the Tibetans in the vegetable shed for the Tibetan people in the village of Jiang Da, a village of the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Li Tong County, Li Tong County, Litang County, Ganzi.

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At the meeting
The Ministry of education recommends
School is built in Hainan
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