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 language school affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University, University of Oxford Model United Nations Association and the Beijing Blue International Education Technology Co. Ltd. jointly organized by the third session of the Three Party Foreign Language School Affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University - University of Oxford International Middle School Model United Nations Conference held in Shanghai.
A total of 470 teachers and students from 14 provinces and municipalities in Liaoning, Jilin, Henan, Shaanxi, Hunan, Chongqing, Fujian and other provinces and municipalities, including 50 well-known high schools, foreign language schools and international schools, and foreign schools in Australia and Singapore, attended the conference.
It is understood that, in order to further enhance student participation experience and enable students to have more opportunities to express themselves, this conference highlighted the multilingual conference features, increased the number of committees, and appropriately reduced the number of the largest number of individual committees.
In addition, this year's conference topics include not only current hot topics such as drug resistance and antibiotic use, and current hot topics of newspapers, but also the frontier topics to explore the international cooperation in space and explore the space disputes. Since this year all of the committee are integrated into a crisis or emergency, which makes the participants can shuttle thoughts in different locations, different time and space, enjoy the creativity, imagination, using his logic analysis ability and language expression ability to express self assertion, enjoy rich and interesting experience of meeting.
It is reported that since 2015 held the first foreign language school affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University - University of Oxford International Model United Nations Conference for high school, the conference has attracted attention from both at home and abroad around a total of more than 1200 outstanding high school students gathered to discuss the state affairs together

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