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Open cooperation to create urban wisdom

Wisdom city construction is a super huge system engineering, only with the individual, or a few manufacturer is unable to complete, take the wisdom of city car connected to the Internet, because of the complexity of the urban environment, the future will car networking technology is low-latency communication design directly, without having to rely on the network and has high reliability and generality, under the car speed still can run steady, at the same time to take into account the cost advantage, implementation such as vehicle distance detection limber anomalies, and keep a safe distance, pedestrian detection blind area, the practical function such as early warning.

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 This area alone requires the full cooperation of the government, relevant scientific research, standards organization, chip sensor manufacturer, network supplier and system platform provider, not to mention the comprehensive cooperation of urban management and organization department and other smart cities. Only with the joint efforts of all parties, it is possible to build a new smart city based on the Internet of things.

The artificial intelligence technology is used to optimize the management of the city, starting from the transportation field, and penetrating into urban planning, medical treatment, public security and other fields. Integrating, opening up artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, LBS, the basic technical ability of payment, enabling many social fields such as government affairs, medical care, tourism and transportation. Focusing on ICT infrastructure to create the "nervous system" of smart cities.

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Those in recent years has been committed to the "financial + technology" two-wheel driven transformation of the company, the more stressed around "wisdom, wisdom, intelligence work" the idea of achieving the "speak out" top-level design planning, construction operations management "go", the effect of supervision and inspection "judged", let technology truly fall to the ground, to provide wisdom city "really" solutions.

Smart cities are built with thousands of people, but core technologies are different. Mobile Internet is a "" nerve" "that provides cities with ubiquitous networks; The Internet of things is the "blood vessel" that enables cities to connect. Cloud computing is the "heart", providing a platform for various intelligent applications in the city. Big data, on the other hand, is the "brain", the engine that runs a city efficiently anatomy illustration.

In this new era of smart city construction, as the middle line of iot hardware development, ecological data application and big data analysis, collaborative iot technology also faces great market opportunities. According to the prediction of authority, by 2020, there will be 40 to 80 billion devices connected to the Internet of things, and more than 7 billion devices related to government management will be connected to the Internet. Most of the demand comes from the connection demand of smart cities.
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